Care and Handling


We carefully select farms that we work with not just based on product,
but also their approach to social and environmental issues.

We are passionate about importing ethically-sourced fresh flowers to our customers whenever possible. Many of the farms we work with are certified by one or more of the following programs:

FLP logo

FLP = Flower Label Program

A joint initiative of human rights organizations, trade unions, flower producers, and flower retailers. The Flower Label Program is a European-based program that implements social and environmental standards in flower production. FLP-certified farms have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Living wages
  • Freedom of association
  • Non-discrimination
  • A ban on child labor and forced labor
  • Health care
  • A ban on toxic pesticides
  • Responsible handling of natural resources
fairtrade logo

Max Havelaar / FLO/ Fairtrade

Max Havelaar is a widely recognized European fair trade label. In North America, the Fairtrade label is more widely recognized.

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MPS logo

MPS / Fair Flower Fair Plants

A Dutch-based organization with a wide range of certifications for the floral industry previously shown as “Fair Flower Fair Plants”.