Care and Handling


Unsatisfactory vase life? Ask your customers about water quality.

Water quality is often overlooked, especially in rural areas. If your customers are experiencing a short vase life, ask them what type of water they’re using. Using filtered water could greatly improve customer satisfaction.

Recommend customers to try this: Test your water vs. bottled water to determine if the quality of water is affecting your vase life.

  1. Take a bunch of flowers and divide it in two.
  2. Place half into a container filled with regular tap water using normal preservatives, and the other half goes into a container filled with bottled water and the same preservative ration. The test only works if all things except the water are equal.

The test results will speak for themselves. If both vases are relatively equal in vase life, then tap water works just fine. If the results are noticeably different, strongly consider a purification system or alternative water source to improve vase life.

Do the test several times a year as water quality changes.