Fairtrade Flowers
As consumers in the global north, we rely on agricultural products created in the southern hemisphere, which are too often produced under poor conditions. Fairtrade attempts to rebalance the trade between the hemispheres, so that both can experience benefits.
While coffee is typically the most recognized Fairtrade product, you can select from a variety of other certified products including: tea, sugar, chocolate, cocoa, wine, beer, fruit and vegetables, grains, gold, sports equipment, and of course, flowers. Look for products using the Fairtrade logo, which certify that the product has been audited by an independent third party to ensure it meets Fairtrade criteria.

So how does choosing Fairtrade benefit workers in the floral industry?
  • Workers receive an extra week of holidays and defined work hours each day with overtime pay.
  • Overtime is voluntary and not forced.
  • Child labor is strictly prohibited.
  • Discrimination of any kind of is prohibited and woman receive equal wages to men.
  • Dangerous pesticides are banned.
  • Workers are encouraged to organize and trade unions can be formed.
  • A Fairtrade premium of 10% of each invoice is paid directly to a workers group for community development projects.
You can change the world simply by choosing to purchase Fairtrade certified roses. Every stem counts!
Contact your Cut Flower Customer Service Representative to find out how you can participate in our Fairtrade program. Learn more about Fairtrade at www.fairtrade.ca.